Week 15 Retrospective

Fisk GIR 2020 + 2023
2 min readNov 24, 2020


What went well:

I talked to a student from another school, and she opened with an excited “You’re female”! I laughed at that, and talking with her was pretty fun. I really enjoy just chatting with students.

For our GIR cohort call, I shared the policy I found out about for Incomplete, and a few of them said they’d look into their university’s policy on that as well. So that’s cool, I hope letting them know about it actually made an impact on students’ lives.

I also shared, in the context of another GIR’s concern or question, that my class didn’t end up getting curved because it landed on a bell curve.

I had my first session to teach students about building an app! I made a rough agenda and we first talked about how we want these sessions to go. We decided that we’ll have a learning session at the beginning of the week and a sharing session at the end, and we’ll use Discord to communicate and ask questions. I then winged it to teach HTML and CSS, which was pretty cool. I was full of energy after this. Fun!

I sent an email to the GIR PMs about what I’m doing as well as to ask if there’s anything else I could do, and they both said no and to take some time to relax. That’s nice of them!

What could be improved:

I need to follow some of my incomplete students a bit closer. I’ve been too lax I think, and some are falling behind. I also just don’t really feel like grading assignments anymore, but here we are. Gotta grind!

I keep forgetting to enter grades for lab, since they’re the same as lecture grades. I don’t know why the system is this way, but I guess it is what it is. I also didn’t really enjoy dealing with student questions about the final, because I just wanted it to be over. But I’m glad that’s all said and done now.



Fisk GIR 2020 + 2023

Hey there! I’m Andrea, teaching as a GIR at Fisk University for fall '23 / '20. Beyond excited and grateful for this opportunity. Recording my journey as I go!