There are not enough words to describe how incredibly excited I am about being a Google in Residence instructor. I am so grateful that we have this program and that I get to partake in it.

When I found out about this program more than a year ago, I instantly wanted to apply and be an instructor for last year but I found out about GIR when interviews were mostly over and there were some requirements I hadn’t quite yet met. That’s all to say, I’ve been waiting more than a year for this opportunity to come, and even though…

Last week, I had to give my Incomplete students their grades. One quit a few months ago, two of them never responded after a month of weekly emails, and two of them actually finished.

Even though I told my students that they needed to finish their Incomplete work by the end of December, they still waited until the last minute to actually do it. I guess it’s better than not doing it, but it was also irritating that I had to grade these assignments and look at what was wrong. I also had to make a new exam for one…

Yesterday was my first day back as a software engineer, but all the extra work that I picked up (some voluntarily-ish, some not) for GIR is still going.

None of my 5 students who took an Incomplete successfully finished their work yet. I’m giving all of them until the week before Spring semester starts to finish, as all of them plan on taking the next computer science course and thus cannot be delayed further than that. …

What went well:

GIR debrief sessions were really fun! Even though both Tuesday and Wednesday were four hours each, the time passed by quickly because it was breakout-rooms based. I had a good time discussing and reminiscing, and I really like all of the GIRs. During the second day, the joke of starting our own university came up a few times, and afterward, I thought…well, why not? So I posted that into our group chat and then proceeded to think about it beyond the five minutes I thought about it before posting it. I wrote up a dock because two…

What went well:

I gave some responses to our GIR PM who’s preparing our debrief this week. I think I’ll be leading an energizer as well as help plan a game night! That sounds fun, yay for human interaction!

Students shared their mocks, and I really enjoyed seeing them and giving feedback. Still excited to see what these apps turn into!

What could have been improved:

I gave a talk on Firebase using my standard deck, and I realized a lot of it might’ve gone over their heads. I also think a lot of the talk was a pitch for…

What went well:

I’m really excited about the apps my student teams will be making. All the ideas are awesome, and this is super great! The three ideas are an app to: a) track and notify payment due dates of subscriptions and bills (although autopay exists, I think this is good if people want to know and be reminded that they’re paying perhaps, and this would be a consolidated place to get all of that information), b) connect caregivers with elderly people for one-time or long-term tasks, and c) display information regarding applying to US schools from Nepal.

What could…

I have two students with an Incomplete doing work.

What went well:

Building an app sessions are extremely fun. This week I taught JavaScript which actually required me to prepare, and I also debugged on the spot. There was also a question of null versus undefined, which seems kind of like a stupid JavaScript thing. Apparently null is an object while undefined basically means we haven’t assigned a value to a variable. In any case, it was fine and I think showing students how to debug and find answers was good. We also decided that we’ll continue using Doodle to find best times to meet due to everyone’s unstable…

What went well:

I talked to a student from another school, and she opened with an excited “You’re female”! I laughed at that, and talking with her was pretty fun. I really enjoy just chatting with students.

For our GIR cohort call, I shared the policy I found out about for Incomplete, and a few of them said they’d look into their university’s policy on that as well. So that’s cool, I hope letting them know about it actually made an impact on students’ lives.

I also shared, in the context of another GIR’s concern or question, that my class…

What went well:

This week was super chill. I finished making the exam last weekend and had my TA’s test it out which was great. All the work I had to do really was to make Monday’s lecture. I also scraped through every single homework and project we did this semester to make sure I graded everyone’s work and had correct grades.

For every tech series speaker, I send them an internal thank you (that comes with money). My coworker who did the machine learning talk, whose team I’ve worked with extensively, sent me a really awesome email to respond…

Fisk GIR 2020

Hey there! I’m Andrea, teaching as a GIR at Fisk University during fall 2020. Beyond excited and grateful for this opportunity and recording my journey as I go!

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